Very helpful insight about healthcare as well as great tips

This is for anyone who wants to be educated when they walk into their doctor’s office and not feel like a cog in a wheel. Ever wonder why your doctor can only spend so much time with you? or rushes with you? or avoids certain subjects like a smooth politician? or suggests a certain drug over a different drug? or has such a terrible bedside manner? I have the best doctor, and I’m totally sold out crazy about her and would not want to change at all, but even with all those positive things, my doctor is part of a larger system (business model) and can only do so much for me. She is motivated by pharma and medical journals published studies’ results, and also has people above her that she answers to ….so therefore she can be swayed toward one direction or another. She can only read so many medical articles in a workday and of those, how many are subtlely slanted in one direction or another? Therefore it is up to me to take control of my health and not rely on her. I have found this site to be full of great tips and helpful insight into why my doctor says/does things, the state of healthcare in general, sensitive subjects like death and medical POAs, questions to ask a doctor before surgery or other procedures, and even encouraging health tips to promote overall wellness. Dr. Kevin delivers his messages with humor and passion. If you are looking for “poor me, I can’t get over this condition” sympathy, do not subscribe. This website is 100% take ownership of your health and how to work *with* your doctor as a team to promote wellness.