Episode #15 – How Often Do You Hear Yourself Saying “I Can’t?”


Straight Shot Health Talk No studies.

No links to news articles.

Just a quick question and some talk about self-honesty.

What’s the difference between “Can’t” & “Won’t?”

Episode 14 – Warning: Do NOT listen if you like your Healthcare!


Straight Shot Health Talk The United States gets a report card…and it isn’t good.

The State of Health in the United States, 1990-2010 (JAMA)

Editorial on The State of Health of the United States

About the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

U.S. Falls Behind Slovenia in Latest Review of Population Health
Bloomberg News

Episode #13 – The Second Most Important Question to Answer


Straight Shot Health Talk

What is the Second Most Important Question to Answer when it comes to your health? How you want to die? (the Most Important Question To Answer being “How do you want to live?”)

Links discussing Living Will & Durable Power of Attorney (this site is called “Get your sh*t together.org which I think is appropriate).

Katy Butler’s stories: What Broke My Father’s Heart and The Ultimate End-of-Life Plan

Her book is called Knocking on Heaven’s Door: The Path to a Better Way of Death It’s available on Amazon.com.

Episode #12 – 5 Questions you need to know BEFORE surgery with Dr. Dave.


Straight Shot Health Talk

A special guest on today’s episode! Dr. Dave of the website Anesthesia Myths
Listen in for the discussion on the questions below:

1) What’s the Anesthesia Model being used?

2) What training have you performed? Are you Board Certified?

3) What is your experience with this type of surgery?

4) What is the plan for anesthesia?

5) Did you get a good night’s rest?

Episode #11 – What’s Missing In Healthcare?


Straight Shot Health Talk The American Psychological Association’s survey on Stress in America says that our healthcare system isn’t addressing patients stress effectively.

The CDC reports that 75% of healthcare dollars are spent treating chronic disease. (75% of 3 TRILLION dollars!!!)

The Journal of the American Medical Association Internal Medicine reports how little counseling in lifestyle intervention, particularly stress management, is being performed in office visits.

Episode #10 – The Secrets of Headlines in Healthcare


Straight Shot Health Talk

Forbes article “200,000 Preventable Deaths a Year”

Wall Street Journal article Heart Disease Gains Partly Elude Younger Adults

Centers for Disease Control original release

Recent article on Negativity Bias on Psychology Today

Association for Consumer Research (1984)–Negativity Biases and Choice Behavior

Drugs to treat Fibromyalgia just as likely to harm as help


Small Benefit of SNRIs for Fibromyalgia Pain (You’ll need a Medscape account to view this)

Excellent post by the National Institute on Aging on understanding risk and headlines

Episode #9 -Straight Shot Health Talk – Warning: Who’s going to take care of you when you’re old? Also vaccine news.


Straight Shot Health Talk Vaccine news and the measles outbreak

What is community immunity when it comes to vaccines?

Blue Zones Power 9 (aka How to Live to 100… and still enjoy it!)

Episode #8 Straight Shot Health Talk – Dissatisfaction or Death? The High Cost of Satisfaction in Healthcare


Straight Shot Health TalkAre those patient satisfaction surveys a good thing? What does it mean to be “satisfied” with your healthcare?

Studies mentioned:

The Cost of Satisfaction

When Doctors Tell Patients What They Don’t Want To Hear (July 2013… I slurred in the podcast and it sounds like “2003″)

How to Feed and Grow your Health Care System

Screening & Treatment of Prostate Cancer articles:




Episode # 7 Straight Shot Health Talk – What you DON’T want with back pain.


Straight Shot Health Talk
Today’s episode is”What you DON’T WANT when it comes to back pain.”

It is a continuation of our three part series on WHAT medical guidelines are (episode #6),

WHY it doesn’t appear the back pain guidelines are being followed by physicians (episode #5),

and HOW should you think about your back pain in regards to the medical guidelines.

As always, comments & questions are welcome.

American College of Physicians Medical Guidelines
Trends and variations in the use of spine surgery.
Appropriate use of lumbar imaging for evaluation of low back pain

Episode # 6 Straight Shot Health Talk – What are Medical Guidelines and What’s the Curse of Knowledge?


Straight Shot Health Talk

What are Medical Guidelines? Why do we need them and how are they created?

Also, what is the “Curse of Knowledge” and why is this important to both technical support and healthcare.

Mentioned in the Podcast:
Institute of Medicine
American College of Physicians